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Do you want Custom Fitness accessories for your brand or fitness training center?

If yes, so you will happy to hear that Reedot Sports is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom fitness accessories. we can provide you good quality custom workout equipment with your brand logo. We handle your production with care and professionalism.

Our Products Range Mentioned Below: 

Weight lifting gear:

Custom gym gloves:

Private label wrist wraps:

Cotton wrist straps custom logo:

Cotton figure 8 straps with your brand logo:

Leather wrist straps:

Leather figure 8 straps:

Personalized logo palm protector:

Custom logo ankle straps:

Arm blaster:

Fabric resistance bands:

Neoprene Supports:

Knee sleeves custom logo:

Elbow sleeves custom logo:

Wrist supports:

Weightlifting belts:

Leather belts:

Neoprene belts:

Dip belts:

Powerlifting belts:

Strength training: 

Skipping Ropes private logo:

Medicine balls maker:


Why you choose us?

You’ll feel the benefit of 13years of manufacturing of sports and fitness wear and gear. Because we know how to manufacture your ideas!

  • Work experience since 13 years.

  • Vast industry knowledge.

  • Leading manufacturers.

  • Private label.

  • Customer’s satisfaction.

  • Team work.

  • High quality products.

  • Delivery on time.

  • Certified manufacturers.

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