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Reedot Sports is the manufacturer and Wholesaler of Personalize boxing speed bags. Are you looking for Personalize boxing speed bags? If “yes” so you don’t need to go anywhere else. We offer custom logo, custom design and also offer custom material for boxing speed balls. If you want order custom logo boxing gloves so click here. Reedot Sports know how to manufacture your ideas. You can also order our products on Alibaba.

Material: Cowhide leather / PU leather and inner lined inside poly cotton with latex.

Bladder: The internal bladder of a boxing speed ball is what holds the air.

Stitching: Hand Stitched

Eyelet: Brass / Stainless steel.

Thread: 4ply / 5ply.

Size: 9.5 x 7 for more size please click here.

Difference between cowhide and buffalo leather:

Cow leather is softer than buffalo leather. Both are of similar nature and strength. the cowhide leather elasticity is more than buffalo leather. its very good thing for shape and feel of custom boxing equipment. it is little bit expensive than buffalo leather we suggest cowhide leather. We deal in both(cowhide and buffalo leather). we use the upper material according to our customer’s demand.


The internal bladder of speed bag is what holds the air. This is the look like a balloon are usually made of latex or butyl. Butyl bladders retain the air for long time periods than latex. Butyl bladders are choice for higher quality custom speed bags and latex bladders provide the inside cheaper. We usually use latex bladders in promotional speed bags. butyl bladder is expensive than latex bladder.


Reedot Sports Stitched the all our speed bags with hands for good quality and clean finishing. Hand stitched Speed bags have tighter and stronger seams. The highest quality balls are stitched with a polyester or similar material thread. 5-ply twisted polyester cord or nylon-waxed cord will be the material of choice when sewing together a football ball.

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