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Reedot fitness powered by Repta industries is the weightlifting wrist straps manufacturer and Supplier.

Are you looking manufacturer of custom cotton lifting wrist straps?

Yes so you don’t need to go anywhere else. We are manufacturer of custom fitness accessories for your brand, Box, Gym and for your retailer business.


Neoprene padded cotton lifting straps for weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and strength training.

Weightlifting Wrist Straps Manufacturer Stitching:

Heavy duty hand stitched, hand stitching increases durability, and narrow stitching end tabs prevent fraying

Silicone grip:

We print the silicone grip as on our customer’s demand. Silicone provides a far surface to grip than traditional cotton straps wraps under the bar to place the silicone against the for zero slip on the bar.

Padding for Women:

Available shorter neoprene padding for women than other straps, most women face the problem the straps padding is too long, so the custom cotton straps do not tighten enough around the wrist. Reedot fitness also offer custom size wrist straps and custom size neoprene padding as on our customer’s demand.

Do you want improve your training and maximize your workout?

Thick padding help reduce pressure point. Our thick custom cotton lifting straps allow you to lift heavier weight with the versatile design and increased length.

Can we print my own logo on custom weightlifting straps?

Yes you can print your own logo on the powerlifting straps.

Is there non-slip silicone grip available?

Yes we offer both cotton straps

1: With non-slip silicone grip

2: traditional straps

You can order the both as on your requirement.

Can we get the bulk quantity at factory price?

Yes you can order in the bulk quantity at factory price, we handle your production with care and professionalism.

Can you select the custom packing as on our requirement?

Yes you can order the powerlifting straps with custom  packing.

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