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Do you want custom boxing hand wraps for your boxing brand or club?

yes, if “so” you can order easily through this site. We manufacture the Boxing hand wraps on our customers demand. The list of hand wraps mention below:

1- Boxing hand wraps

2- Boxing Gel hand wraps

What kind of material do we use in Boxing hand wraps?

We use the material on the customers demand. If our customer need stretchable material so we will use the stretchable and if our customers need the non stretch material so we will use the non stretch material.


Custom-polyester Boxing Hand Wraps

semi-elastic Boxing Hand Wraps

Personalize Boxing hand wraps size.

We produce the hand wraps on customers given size and design. Our regular sizes mention below.

Boxing hand wraps size chart

In meters 2.5m 2.75m 3 3.5 4m 4.5 5m
In inches 100” 110” 120” 140” 160” 180” 200”

What size is correct for you?



15-17 17-18 18-19 19-21 21-23


Hand wraps


2.75m 3m 3.5m 4m 4.5m


Why we use the boxing hand wraps?

The advantage of our customized hand wraps mention below.

1- Hand Wrap support the wrist and protect from damage.

2- Hand wrap keep fingers close together.

3- Hand wraps fill the empty areas of the gloves.

4- Protect the knuckles and hands from the damage.

why choose us?

1- Quick response.

2- Qualified staff

3- Experienced.

4- our Good will.

5- Quick order dispatch.

6- 100% Secure payment method.

7- Secrecy.

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